03 November 2009

Boots, Belts and Navy

Here is the latest outfit I put together that I love. My Topshop 'Dusk' boots finally arrived... Sadly Topshop don't ship to Japan. I am in love with them. I wasn't sure they would fit in with my otherwise 'girly' wardrobe... but alas! I teamed them up with my navy knit from last winter HnM and a cream and black lace dress from an Australian store Bardot. Perfect for my day shopping in Ginza, the heart of Tokyo.


  1. love these overknee boots!
    the header is great!

  2. Thanks! I am in love with them! Over-the-knee boots are so tough because they can look so tacky if worn wrong. I was a bit nervous about how mine would fit me as I has to order them online! But no problems at all... they are amazing!

  3. I bought the same shoes from Topshop and they were labelled the Dexter shoes and I've just started to wear them so know for sure the label said Dexter. But when I search Dexter shoes they come up with thigh highs with elasticated side labels rather than one elasticated back panel like yours, the dusk shoes. And mine. Do you know why at all?