15 August 2010

Cherry Bomb

Hello pretty people. As the weather is heating up and the air-conditioning is becoming cooler and stronger its getting particularly difficult to dress appropriately! Im sweating like crazy when I'm outside... then the minute I step indoors I'm freezing my butt of from the over powered refrigerator type temperatures!
Ahhh what's a girl to do? Buy a small jacket of course! I found this awesome faux leather jacket and fell in love! Cropped sleeves are perfect for this predicament and I guess as 'pretend' leather... it never gets too hot. Gio, my friend and repeating guest photographer, and I braved the incredible winds surrounding my apartment to attempt some outdoor shots. I live on reclaimed land, so we are surrounded by water which makes it almost impossible to style your hair without it falling out! So frustrating! But... I only have 2 weeks left here in Tokyo... so soon I can curl, straighten or pin up my hair anyway I like! haha. Oh the simple joys of going back home!

Anyway! I hope you like this look. It's quite different from my normal 'girly' style but it was fun to dress up in for a day! I had been planing to wear this to Summer Sonic! A summer music festival held right by where I live. This was the second year I attemed... and WOW the line up improved dramatically! I was able to enjoy Taylor Swift and the legend himself... Stevie Wonder!! Amazing. With two of my closest friends by my side we danced non stop from midday through to midnight. Ahhh I'm gonna miss this place!
Oh and it may be quite obvious by the title of this post... but I recently watched the movie The Runaways ... and loved it.

Dress/Jacket - Forever 21
Necklace - Juicy Couture
Chain - Tiffany and Co.

05 August 2010

Stop! Look! Listen!

Good morning fellow bloggers! Hope you have had an amazing July! I cant believe its already past the half way mark for 2010! July was a busy one with 4th of July, the many Japanese fireworks festivals, heading down to the pool for (well trying to get) a bit of colour. Aside from that I am staring to pack up my room! Yes, sadly Im nearly done here in Tokyo and Im heading back home to Australia for a little while. I really can't believe I have been here for over a year already. I have really had the chance to live right in the middle of their amazing culture and AMAZING style! I hope I have picked up some new fashion ideas that will stay with me forever. 

Time to get creative... Well here my good friends is the latest outfit that I have been dying to show you all. This polka-dot skirt is  so adorable and I picked it up for a bargain and a little vintage store. The amazing hat you see here I have blogged before but I thought it would be a lovely touch to the whole look. Pair them both with a denim top to help make the old style pieces fresh and modern. Ahhh I really love this look... hoping to wear it out some more....

Top - Thirft
Skirt - Vintage
Cuff - Forever 21
Hat - Something Special

Lastly the wonderful Giovanni Luevano was the hero who took these pictures for me! Thanks Gio they look awesome!!

06 July 2010

Romantic Attitude

A very casual fun, flirty style. I decided to go very light hearted and keep the color palette very plain. I was a little inspired by the Secret Garden which I had recently watched and I secretly wish I was 8 years old again and wearing ribbons everyday. My amazing handbag is sooooo versatile and surprisingly can fit so much junk! Ahhh I love a good thrift store find.  Lovely, OK I'm off to the post office....

Bag - Thrift
Wedges - HnM
Cuff - Forever 21
Shirt - Forever  21
Skirt - Backstage (General Pants Co.)

On a completely different note... a few people have asked, so I think I will give you guys a little insight into my life here in Tokyo. Someone suggested a mini questionnaire... But I think it would be weird to answer my own questions... So I will just stick to the 4 W's and a H.

Who...    I live by myself amongst over a hundred foreign performers who work for the same company out here in Japan. We have a very social life working amazing hours with so much free time to spend trying new food and heaps of Karaoke!

What...   I'm a professional dancer (such as ballet, tap, hip hop and musical theatre) hired as the lead role in a production for a major company. My show is Japanese based, so 70% of the show Im attempting to mime japanese! A LOT of Japanese! At first it was so excruciatingly difficult... but by now its just second nature! I really have the best job in the world and I get to perform for around 3,000 people a day.

When...   I have been living in Tokyo for almost a year! Well a year on the 15th of July. I have been working as a dancer for this particular company for 3 years, but this was my first time to work in Japan.

Where...  I live just outside the amazing city of Tokyo in an area only 15 mins train ride away from the very heart of the city (and only 35 mins from HARAJUKU!) I forget how lucky I am sometimes! I'm so close to one of the most influential fashion districts of the world!

How...    A few years back I auditioned along with many other girls to become a cast member for an international entertainment company to be starting out in Hong Kong. Having no idea what I was getting into at the time, I ended up living in Hong Kong for 2 years before moving on to Tokyo. At first it was so overwhelming, but little did I know that the best 3 years of my life were ahead of me! I have made so many new amazing friends (I met my best friend almost 2 years ago), travelled to the most amazing countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and of course Japan) and have been submerged in the most fascinating cultures, not only seeing them, but living amongst it all!

Sorry for my rambling.... In a way I hope you now know me a little better... well at least my life here in Tokyo. I guess next time I will tell you a little more about me! 

16 June 2010

Na Na Na Batman.

Why hello.... Sorry again for the long absence. I do have an excuse. I really great one. So as you may know I live in Tokyo, Japan. Living well away from all my loved ones back in Australia. My sweet, but not usually romantic boyfriend, showed up in Tokyo to surprise me! So uncharacteristically romantic! It was perfect. A friend took me out for dinner and he showed up at the restaurant to make the big surprise. We just had a perfect 10 days together. So yep, thats my wonderful excuse for the lack of attention to my blog.

But never fear... I'm back, with my new favorite thrift shop find. BATMAN. This shirt is amazing. So comfy and cool. It's a mens shirt... but fits me so well. I guess there are some pretty small Japanese guys around. Also the lovely turquoise crochet skirt is my new summer essential. It goes with everything. 
Another little trick to take my winter wardrobe to summer... cutting my tights into socks. My cream tights are so cute as socks, and they sit so perfectly on my ankles. And the lucky last piece I would like to point out is my new locket necklace from my beautiful friend Teigan (from the previous post). She gave it to me for my 21st birthday. Very cute with a T and A inscribed on the front and back, and cute pics of us inside. Perfect pressie from a bestie.

Red Necklace - Juicy Couture
Cuff - Mercury Duo
Boots - Forever 21
Rings - Sportsgirl
Skirt - Thrift
Shirt - Thift

26 May 2010


Love love. My lovely, amazing friend Teigan came for a short visit to Tokyo! We had the most amazing time, enjoying disney, taking heaps of purikura and of course shopping! We got all dolled up and ready to take some fun sticky pics ... and on the way stopped for a few photos around my area.  Oh and she is a fellow blogger... check out her blog here.

Both Skirts - Lolita Boutique Harajuku
Believe Necklace - Disney Couture
Yellow Top - Wildfox Couture 
Black Boots - Topshop
Red Headband - HnM

And now for our fun fun fun Purikura. 

10 May 2010

Spring is in her belly

Monday Monday... And time for a new outfit post! I have been so inspired lately by all the amazing flowers that have sprung up all over the place here! I hope to take my next shoot outside with the amazing scenery but.... I may have to get a friend involved (i.e. holding the camera!) Finally it's heating up here, to the point where we can finally wear shorts and not have to carry huge coats around. Im starting to love it here more and more. What do you think of this casual look? I have been absolutely in love with the Prada silky short shorts from the Spring RTW collecton. So I hastened to run out and find a great pair... stumbling across these at Topshop here in Harajuku. Topshop is massively over priced here in Japan, so I have learnt my lesson; always buy online! I am also very excited to bring back the colored under eye liner... or in my case I love to use loose dust (here in a shimmery turquoise), mix it with a dash of water... and voila! Perfect spring eyes. 

Hat - Vintage
Shoes - WeGo
Shorts - Topshop
Top - Mercury Duo
Cuff - Mercury Duo
Socks - Some stall in Harajuku 

29 April 2010

Aussie Aussie

HELLO! Firstly I would like to apologize to everyone for my looonnggg absence from posting! I have been on a short trip back to my home land to see family and friends. My company here in Tokyo is so kind, that they sent me home for free just so I can see my loved ones and come back refreshed and eager to start back at work. So today I am back to work, and I'm so excited to see all my Japanese friends again. I'm also excited to give everyone the HUGE bag of Freddo frogs and Caramello Koalas I brought back from home (My favorite treats I miss, along with Milo). These are a few pics from my trip home, I wanted to show off my new snake skin, digital print, Sass and Bide tee; a trip to the lovely beach with my parents and the amazing scenery I miss so much. So about out-fit posts?? Well now that I'm back there will be many to come! Lastly I'd like to thank Rachel at The Little Mess for a Sunshine award, Mila at The other Girl for a Haute Mess Award and lastly Stop & Stare Style  for the amazing post all about my blog!!! I was truly surprised and honored that someone would write about me! Check it out here!

06 April 2010

Season of the Sakura

Sadly I have been so busy with work and catching up with friends... I have had no time to create any outfit posts! 
There will be one not too far away, but for now I really wanted to show you all the amazing Sakura trees (aka cherry blossoms) that have finally bloomed here in Tokyo. These beautiful flowers are absolutely breathtaking, and to see so many of them like this is definitely a highlight for me here in Japan. When the wind picks up and the petals begin to rain down, I really feel like I have stepped into a Disney fairy-tale! 

30 March 2010


Marios Schwab.

These delightful pieces are from the creative designer's Winter 2010 collection.
The gorgeous necklines and lace up detailing has me giddy with excitement and desperately wanting a closet full of his stunning designs. My favorite? The neutral, lace-up dress with the amazingly romantic neckline. This is Love.

24 March 2010

Hey, Listen Up!

What a week! I have been so busy finally getting back to work after my injury and my best friend arrived in Tokyo to work here too! I am so so lucky to have her here. We were fortunate enough to work together in Hong Kong, now again in Tokyo! I think we were just meant to be best friends. Haha, anyway, back to fashion! So I, like everyone else I'm sure, am in love with the denim top craze happening right now. I had to refrain myself from buying too many! This amazing jacket I picked up from a second hand store, here in Tokyo. It's so beautifully made with silk lining and it's the perfect tailoring to fit me. 
I am also obsessed with the 'cropped' style of shirts, though for this look I just tied the denim top to get the same effect. Eeep, I really love the crop, BUT it has me actually doing some sit-ups to make sure I can pull it off!
Well I guess its a good way to slowly get me ready for summer! 
I hope you like it!

Top - HnM
Skirt/Dress - HnM
Earrings - Sportsgirl (Aus)
Jacket - Used, labeled Couvee

14 March 2010

Fare Thee Well

Hello Spring! I'm so excited it's the best season of the year! Time to cut up my tights and turn them into over the knee stockings. I had so much fun creating this look... I grabbed about 4 pairs of tights and went crazy with the scissors! I tried the shoot with yellow, blue, purple and grey tights, but in the end I decided purple was my color of choice. Just such a bright and fun color for this season. Yep... you guessed it I was very inspired by the Prada Spring campaign. The cute pony tails had me reaching for my tail comb and elastic hairbands. As for my amazing new shorts... I picked them up in a used clothing store for 1 dollar! I couldn't believe it when I grabbed them! The color is perfect for this season (I'm thinking, Celine Ready-to-Wear Spring collection) and the leather fringing is so unique. I had such a great time pulling this together, I hope you love it too!

Hat - Harajuku market stall
Shorts - Unknown
Top - Forever 21
Shoes - HnM

07 March 2010


Time to crack open the bubbly and invite over  my friends... in celebration of Daringdarlingdelight's first 100 followers! Thanks guys so much! I really truly appreciate every single one of my followers. I love reading your comments and I try to write back as much as I can! You all keep inspiring me to continue blogging, as I know at least 100 people out there actually read my blog... and thats amazing! 

I Love you all!!!!

28 February 2010

She's Expensive

So while scary tsunami warnings are blazing here in Japan... the only way I can think to distract myself is by creating a new post. Its absolutely horrible to hear about the earthquake in Chile, and my thoughts go out to the victims and the survivors who have lost loved ones. It crazy to think that the earthquake all the way over in Chile may actually cause a tsunami here! 
On a Different note... I need to thank my awesome sister Amanda for giving my some creative advice for this look. I was channeling a bolder, darker and sexier woman (someone I don't really see myself as! haha) while putting this together. It was just exciting to go crazy with the eyeliner and choose some extremely tight pants!
Finally I want to point out my awesome, wonderful, amazing vintage M. Valentino clutch! BAHHHH I love love love it!
I was lucky enough to find it here in Tokyo! Ahh my love.
Ahaha I hope you like this look!

Pants - HnM
Heels - Mollini 
Blouse - Vintage
Clutch - Vintage M.Valentino