30 January 2010

Cat Fight

Indie rock group the Gossip are performing here in Tokyo in just over a week and Im so freaken excited! Of course Beth Ditto, the leading lady, wows crowds with outrageous outfits...  I however my be taking a little more classic approach. I have been planning my concert outfit for weeks... and this look is in my top choices. Its a vintage dress labled Mervellieuse, paired with my Topshop boots and a home made ring. I was so excited when I found this dress, I mean bows on the shoulder... it could easily fit in with the S/S 2010 Dior collection. I toped it all off with some green ribbon for a belt and this seasons bold eye colors in orange, pink and blue.
So... what are your thoughts?

27 January 2010


I want I want, I need I need.

21 January 2010


Oh what a night! Chu-hi, tunes and good friends. Karoke is HUGE here in Japan and it's one of the greatest ways to end a night out. Open basically 24 hours, this particular karaoke bar is very old school but so much fun!

19 January 2010



Ksubi. Love the spotted pants.

14 January 2010

Something Special

Some Fun. American Apparel vintage Bag. Gap cardigan. Something Special hat.

BB award

What a lovely surprise! I get up at midday... after a big night out... to find I have been stamped with the Beautiful Blogger award. What a perfect little gift to start my day off with. Thank-you Martina Dolly Haze Ghost!

-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
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-Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.

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Seven interesting things hey.... umm well Im a dancer. Like ballet, tap, jazz kind of dancer, though here in Tokyo I often get asked if Im here working as an exotic dancer... Hmm I guess when a blonde western girl in heels says she is a dancer some Japanese people just jump to certain conclusions.Eeek. Ok thats one. Wow this will be harder than I thought. Two,I love pasta! Three, painting my nails black always makes me feel stylish (even when Im not). Four, I love taking afternoon nanna naps in the sun. Five, my favorite movie of all time is La vita รจ bella or in English, Life is Beautiful. If you have not seen it.... your insane. GO AND WATCH IT! Six, read Harry Potter if you know what's good for you. Seven, I love taking sticky pics, they call them purikura here. They are so fun. My best friend and I can spend hours taking them.

I nominate.....

12 January 2010


Hello world! Tokyo was freezing and rainy today... but luckily I found these amazing vintage YSL heels to brighten up my day! The white 2 and a half inch heels are detailed with white stitching which give the shoes a cute effect. Im still loving that I can wear my warm coats and gloves, but now I really am so excited for spring when I can whip these little babies out!

06 January 2010

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This gorgeous shoot featuring the amazing Miranda Kerr for V magazine really caught my attention. She is just stunning in every style and look she shoots.  The editorial included a bold shot of Miranda displaying her toosh... but I say if your as beautiful as she is... show it to the world!

02 January 2010

J'adore Dior

I need this shirt! Well to be honest... I need the whole outfit! Sarah Jessica Parker looks adorable in this outfit right off the set of Sex And The City 2! Just one problem... finding it!!!!