15 August 2010

Cherry Bomb

Hello pretty people. As the weather is heating up and the air-conditioning is becoming cooler and stronger its getting particularly difficult to dress appropriately! Im sweating like crazy when I'm outside... then the minute I step indoors I'm freezing my butt of from the over powered refrigerator type temperatures!
Ahhh what's a girl to do? Buy a small jacket of course! I found this awesome faux leather jacket and fell in love! Cropped sleeves are perfect for this predicament and I guess as 'pretend' leather... it never gets too hot. Gio, my friend and repeating guest photographer, and I braved the incredible winds surrounding my apartment to attempt some outdoor shots. I live on reclaimed land, so we are surrounded by water which makes it almost impossible to style your hair without it falling out! So frustrating! But... I only have 2 weeks left here in Tokyo... so soon I can curl, straighten or pin up my hair anyway I like! haha. Oh the simple joys of going back home!

Anyway! I hope you like this look. It's quite different from my normal 'girly' style but it was fun to dress up in for a day! I had been planing to wear this to Summer Sonic! A summer music festival held right by where I live. This was the second year I attemed... and WOW the line up improved dramatically! I was able to enjoy Taylor Swift and the legend himself... Stevie Wonder!! Amazing. With two of my closest friends by my side we danced non stop from midday through to midnight. Ahhh I'm gonna miss this place!
Oh and it may be quite obvious by the title of this post... but I recently watched the movie The Runaways ... and loved it.

Dress/Jacket - Forever 21
Necklace - Juicy Couture
Chain - Tiffany and Co.

05 August 2010

Stop! Look! Listen!

Good morning fellow bloggers! Hope you have had an amazing July! I cant believe its already past the half way mark for 2010! July was a busy one with 4th of July, the many Japanese fireworks festivals, heading down to the pool for (well trying to get) a bit of colour. Aside from that I am staring to pack up my room! Yes, sadly Im nearly done here in Tokyo and Im heading back home to Australia for a little while. I really can't believe I have been here for over a year already. I have really had the chance to live right in the middle of their amazing culture and AMAZING style! I hope I have picked up some new fashion ideas that will stay with me forever. 

Time to get creative... Well here my good friends is the latest outfit that I have been dying to show you all. This polka-dot skirt is  so adorable and I picked it up for a bargain and a little vintage store. The amazing hat you see here I have blogged before but I thought it would be a lovely touch to the whole look. Pair them both with a denim top to help make the old style pieces fresh and modern. Ahhh I really love this look... hoping to wear it out some more....

Top - Thirft
Skirt - Vintage
Cuff - Forever 21
Hat - Something Special

Lastly the wonderful Giovanni Luevano was the hero who took these pictures for me! Thanks Gio they look awesome!!