30 March 2010


Marios Schwab.

These delightful pieces are from the creative designer's Winter 2010 collection.
The gorgeous necklines and lace up detailing has me giddy with excitement and desperately wanting a closet full of his stunning designs. My favorite? The neutral, lace-up dress with the amazingly romantic neckline. This is Love.

24 March 2010

Hey, Listen Up!

What a week! I have been so busy finally getting back to work after my injury and my best friend arrived in Tokyo to work here too! I am so so lucky to have her here. We were fortunate enough to work together in Hong Kong, now again in Tokyo! I think we were just meant to be best friends. Haha, anyway, back to fashion! So I, like everyone else I'm sure, am in love with the denim top craze happening right now. I had to refrain myself from buying too many! This amazing jacket I picked up from a second hand store, here in Tokyo. It's so beautifully made with silk lining and it's the perfect tailoring to fit me. 
I am also obsessed with the 'cropped' style of shirts, though for this look I just tied the denim top to get the same effect. Eeep, I really love the crop, BUT it has me actually doing some sit-ups to make sure I can pull it off!
Well I guess its a good way to slowly get me ready for summer! 
I hope you like it!

Top - HnM
Skirt/Dress - HnM
Earrings - Sportsgirl (Aus)
Jacket - Used, labeled Couvee

14 March 2010

Fare Thee Well

Hello Spring! I'm so excited it's the best season of the year! Time to cut up my tights and turn them into over the knee stockings. I had so much fun creating this look... I grabbed about 4 pairs of tights and went crazy with the scissors! I tried the shoot with yellow, blue, purple and grey tights, but in the end I decided purple was my color of choice. Just such a bright and fun color for this season. Yep... you guessed it I was very inspired by the Prada Spring campaign. The cute pony tails had me reaching for my tail comb and elastic hairbands. As for my amazing new shorts... I picked them up in a used clothing store for 1 dollar! I couldn't believe it when I grabbed them! The color is perfect for this season (I'm thinking, Celine Ready-to-Wear Spring collection) and the leather fringing is so unique. I had such a great time pulling this together, I hope you love it too!

Hat - Harajuku market stall
Shorts - Unknown
Top - Forever 21
Shoes - HnM

07 March 2010


Time to crack open the bubbly and invite over  my friends... in celebration of Daringdarlingdelight's first 100 followers! Thanks guys so much! I really truly appreciate every single one of my followers. I love reading your comments and I try to write back as much as I can! You all keep inspiring me to continue blogging, as I know at least 100 people out there actually read my blog... and thats amazing! 

I Love you all!!!!