16 June 2010

Na Na Na Batman.

Why hello.... Sorry again for the long absence. I do have an excuse. I really great one. So as you may know I live in Tokyo, Japan. Living well away from all my loved ones back in Australia. My sweet, but not usually romantic boyfriend, showed up in Tokyo to surprise me! So uncharacteristically romantic! It was perfect. A friend took me out for dinner and he showed up at the restaurant to make the big surprise. We just had a perfect 10 days together. So yep, thats my wonderful excuse for the lack of attention to my blog.

But never fear... I'm back, with my new favorite thrift shop find. BATMAN. This shirt is amazing. So comfy and cool. It's a mens shirt... but fits me so well. I guess there are some pretty small Japanese guys around. Also the lovely turquoise crochet skirt is my new summer essential. It goes with everything. 
Another little trick to take my winter wardrobe to summer... cutting my tights into socks. My cream tights are so cute as socks, and they sit so perfectly on my ankles. And the lucky last piece I would like to point out is my new locket necklace from my beautiful friend Teigan (from the previous post). She gave it to me for my 21st birthday. Very cute with a T and A inscribed on the front and back, and cute pics of us inside. Perfect pressie from a bestie.

Red Necklace - Juicy Couture
Cuff - Mercury Duo
Boots - Forever 21
Rings - Sportsgirl
Skirt - Thrift
Shirt - Thift