06 July 2010

Romantic Attitude

A very casual fun, flirty style. I decided to go very light hearted and keep the color palette very plain. I was a little inspired by the Secret Garden which I had recently watched and I secretly wish I was 8 years old again and wearing ribbons everyday. My amazing handbag is sooooo versatile and surprisingly can fit so much junk! Ahhh I love a good thrift store find.  Lovely, OK I'm off to the post office....

Bag - Thrift
Wedges - HnM
Cuff - Forever 21
Shirt - Forever  21
Skirt - Backstage (General Pants Co.)

On a completely different note... a few people have asked, so I think I will give you guys a little insight into my life here in Tokyo. Someone suggested a mini questionnaire... But I think it would be weird to answer my own questions... So I will just stick to the 4 W's and a H.

Who...    I live by myself amongst over a hundred foreign performers who work for the same company out here in Japan. We have a very social life working amazing hours with so much free time to spend trying new food and heaps of Karaoke!

What...   I'm a professional dancer (such as ballet, tap, hip hop and musical theatre) hired as the lead role in a production for a major company. My show is Japanese based, so 70% of the show Im attempting to mime japanese! A LOT of Japanese! At first it was so excruciatingly difficult... but by now its just second nature! I really have the best job in the world and I get to perform for around 3,000 people a day.

When...   I have been living in Tokyo for almost a year! Well a year on the 15th of July. I have been working as a dancer for this particular company for 3 years, but this was my first time to work in Japan.

Where...  I live just outside the amazing city of Tokyo in an area only 15 mins train ride away from the very heart of the city (and only 35 mins from HARAJUKU!) I forget how lucky I am sometimes! I'm so close to one of the most influential fashion districts of the world!

How...    A few years back I auditioned along with many other girls to become a cast member for an international entertainment company to be starting out in Hong Kong. Having no idea what I was getting into at the time, I ended up living in Hong Kong for 2 years before moving on to Tokyo. At first it was so overwhelming, but little did I know that the best 3 years of my life were ahead of me! I have made so many new amazing friends (I met my best friend almost 2 years ago), travelled to the most amazing countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong and of course Japan) and have been submerged in the most fascinating cultures, not only seeing them, but living amongst it all!

Sorry for my rambling.... In a way I hope you now know me a little better... well at least my life here in Tokyo. I guess next time I will tell you a little more about me!