28 February 2010

She's Expensive

So while scary tsunami warnings are blazing here in Japan... the only way I can think to distract myself is by creating a new post. Its absolutely horrible to hear about the earthquake in Chile, and my thoughts go out to the victims and the survivors who have lost loved ones. It crazy to think that the earthquake all the way over in Chile may actually cause a tsunami here! 
On a Different note... I need to thank my awesome sister Amanda for giving my some creative advice for this look. I was channeling a bolder, darker and sexier woman (someone I don't really see myself as! haha) while putting this together. It was just exciting to go crazy with the eyeliner and choose some extremely tight pants!
Finally I want to point out my awesome, wonderful, amazing vintage M. Valentino clutch! BAHHHH I love love love it!
I was lucky enough to find it here in Tokyo! Ahh my love.
Ahaha I hope you like this look!

Pants - HnM
Heels - Mollini 
Blouse - Vintage
Clutch - Vintage M.Valentino

26 February 2010

Jason Wu = Wow

Spring 2010

Fall 2010

Fall 2010

24 February 2010


I am dying for gigantic bow! Love love love the big blue one! Arghhh but every time I go in store to the amazing wonderland of a store... they never have any available! Boooo. But I think Im inspired to do a little D.I.Y. Im off work sick for 9 more days... so Im guessing this is the perfect time to try! I will keep you posted if I actually succeed! These adorable pics are from the WeGo spring catalogue I picked up the other day. Ahaha I LOVE the cute Japanese style. Im feeling rather inspired. I feel another outfit post coming on...


20 February 2010

Little Huricane

Its been a few weeks since I last put a look together! Sorry! Well the truth is... I have a fractured tail bone... and well that has just been taking up all my time with doctors appointments and all the rest. Surprisingly I didn't injure myself dancing, I was um riding my bike. Eeek. Almost embarrassing, but not quite as it wasn't my fault! I swear! Hehe. Anyway... 
This outfit was so fun to create! Its a little different to what I would normaly wear out and about, but I love it! I have been searching for vintage denim shorts for sooo long and I finally found a pair a few weeks ago at Mellow, a used clothing store here in Tokyo. I just cut them up myself (I was very nervous) but I think they turned out OK!!! I hope you like it!

Jacket  -  Colza, Honey's (Tokyo store)
Shorts  -  Levis (vintage), Mellow
Necklace  -  Tiffany and Co.
Tank  -  Disney for HnM
Boots  -  Forever 21
Belt  -  Vintage

06 February 2010

Blueberry Night

Finally we had some snow here in Tokyo during the week... and of course I ran outside at midnight to make snow angels... but Im busting for spring to arrive already! I just can't wait to show off my new boots and polka-dotted skirt both from a used clothing store called We-Go. This store is amazing! Filled with  denim, dresses, shoes, belts and hair accessories all either brand new, vintage or barely used. Pretty sure its my new obsession!

Bracelet - Disney Couture
Boots - Browny for WeGo
Skirt - W heart C for We Go
Headband - <3 21
Blouse - Zara